middle fingers up if you dont give a fuck

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lmao people mock fanfiction but when u think about it some people manage to create novel-length stories that are extremely well written without getting paid and they do it on top of school and work and everything else in their lives just because they love to write and they love the original story or the people they write about like im pretty sure that’s more productive than being the person who is just sat there laughing at it all

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male game designer:hey maybe we should treat women like people
male gamer:how could you say these things... i trusted you... i have lost a hero on this day
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"What a peculiar privilege has this little agitation of the brain which we call ‘thought’."
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walking barefoot in the locker room of a public pool like


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what i planned to do this summer

  1. paint and make art
  2. hang out with friends
  3. exercise 

what i actually did

  1. cried
  2. blogged
  3. ruined every friendship i have

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Life is full of difficult decisions. 


Life is full of difficult decisions. 

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"you can choose your own groups for this project"


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this baby is gonna have one hell of a story to tell when he’s older

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