middle fingers up if you dont give a fuck

Ask me anything   Just a lonely soul trying to make peace with my mind. Come talk to me I want some internet friends.


those tumblr mutuals you rlly want to be friends with but are too cool for you

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'I was gonna reblog that but that stupid fucking caption you added is annoying and I'm on mobile so I can't delete it but I'm not encouraging that behavior so I won't reblog it at all' the musical

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I need to have as much wild sex as possible so one day I can become an inappropriate old lady that blurts out things like “when I was your age I got a concussion after being bent over a desk” and then my family can be like “grandma please, you’re making easter dinner really uncomfortable” and it’ll be great

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driver roll up the partition please *screams from the back* HI I’D LIKE A 10 PIECE CHICKEN NUGGET MEAL AND A DIET SPRITE

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accurate scientific research

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u think ur a flower, but really ur the whole meadow 

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Anonymous asked: How do Muslim girls learn so much about sex :S



Sorry I forgot that Muslim women only reproduce via ankle flashing

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